Chapter Meeting, Sunday December 18, 2011

THE LIBELLUS OF JORDAN OF SAXONY (Word Document) (Continued from last month)

Mass 11:15 am

Lunch Social: 12:00 PM

Business and discussion about 1:00  PM

Council elections: We will elect at least two council members. Details will be provided at meeting.

The link at the beginning of this post leads to the document. It can also be found at our document library at or online at



Of all the source materials concerning the life of St.
Dominic and the origins of the Dominican Order, Jordan of Saxony’s  work
is not only the earliest, but is also the most authentic. It has, therefore,
influenced all subsequent works on the Order. Happily, Blessed Jordan’s
authorship is beyond question.
it was written by Jordan as an encyclical letter to the entire Order soon after
the canonization of the Founder (July 3, 1234).  The
 Libellus, then, is
not strictly a life of St. Dominic, but also about the beginning of the
Dominican Order.

Visitors: If you are not a Dominican but wish to visit with us, please send email to

Reminder: Members are expected to contact Prior Jean-Francois Orsini with regrets if you are unable to attend a chapter meeting. His email is Novices and Postulants,  be sure to contact the Novice Master or Inquiry Director if you cannot make your class.


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