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Learn How to Pray the Liturgy of the Hours

*Who*: The St. Pius V Chapter of Lay Dominicans

*What*:  A hands-on workshop to teach you how to pray the Liturgy of the
Hours, also called the Divine Office.

*Where*: Mount de Sales Academy in Catonsville, Maryland

*When*: March 1st, the last Saturday before Lent, 10-11 am(longer if needed)

*Why*: The Liturgy of the Hours, like the Mass, is the official prayer of
the Church.  In its entirety, it is a way to dedicate each part of the day
to God.  In this workshop, we will focus on the two “cardinal” hours,
Morning and Evening Prayer (Lauds and Vespers).

*How*: We will will start with a short overview for everyone, and then
individual Lay Dominicans will work with each person to teach them with
their own books or mobile devices.  If you have any of the Liturgy of the
Hours or Christian Prayer books, bring them and we will teach you how to
use them. (If you have the 4 volume set, it would be good to bring all 4
volumes).  If you have a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, bring it and we
will show you how to use it to say the office with a free app or website.

For more information, email or call Eric or Wendy Pavlat at
ericandwendy@earthlink.net (301-345-8077).

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One thought on “Other Events

  1. June 23 (Sunday) 12:30 pm Lunch with Fr. DuPont, Fr. Matthew and Fr.
    Willoughby at Fratelli’s in Cheverly, Md. Contact Steve Graves at

    July 13 12:10 mass at the Shrine with lunch followed in the cafe. Contact
    Elaine Barringer for details.

    Aug 3 Mass at Epiphany of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church in Annandale,
    (about three minutes from the Gallows Road exit of I-495), for their
    10 a.m. liturgy. Brunch at the Silver Diner on Gallows Road. Epiphany uses the St. John Chrysostom liturgy. Everything is chanted. It is very nice. It is Catholic,
    not Orthodox. Pope Francis is prayed for at several points in the liturgy,
    which is mostly in English, with an occasional Ruthenian or Ukrainian
    chant. Contact Fran Griffin at fgf@fgfbooks.com for details.

    September 7 Prayer at the Planned Parenthood Clinic on 16th Street in
    Washington DC with lunch at a nearby establishment. Contact Marla Hurtado
    at marlaj7@earthlink.com

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