Oil Portrait "The Teacher)

“The Teacher” Sr Mary Grace Thul, O.P.

In the Church there is a diversity of ministry but a oneness of mission. Christ conferred on the Apostles and their successors the duty of teaching, sanctifying, and ruling in His name and power. But the laity likewise share in the priestly, prophetic, and royal office of Christ and therefore have their own share in the mission of the whole people of God in the Church and in the world.(2) ~DECREE ON THE APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY, §2

Dominicans of all states of life are involved in dozens if not hundreds of ministries and apostolates but each serves the mission of proclaiming the Word of God and bringing Christ to the world.

Lay members of the Order of Preachers make promises to follow the Rule of the Lay  Fraternities of St. Dominic rather than the vows a religious would make to  follow their rule.  Members may be married or single, and if single, they may later marry.  Our members come from all over the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Interest in third/secular orders continues  to rise throughout the world. Since 1997, five new chapters have started in the Washington-Baltimore Metro area including St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, Va., which was sponsored by Immaculate Conception.  Another chapter has recently been established in Delaware.

The Quest for Holiness in the Dominican Spirit

(Quoted from one of our older Dominican websites)

What Is Dominican Laity?

It is a shared Christian Experience. It is an opportunity enriched and fortified by prayer, good works and spiritual benefits. Membership in the Dominican Family, embraced by the Church, includes; Sisters, Friars, Cloistered Nuns, and lay persons. All commit themselves generously and honestly to the ideas and ideals of SAINT DOMINIC for the service of the Church and its mission in the world.

Who Are Dominican Laity?

By some special grace of the Holy Spirit, we have chosen to join the Dominican family. As such, we are seeking a richer, deeper spiritual life to draw us closer to God. We remain in the world, single or married, and seek to grow in spiritual maturity within our lay state.

Why Dominican Laity?

All Dominican Communities share in prayer, love, understanding, study and mission. New emphasis has been placed on the role of the LAITY in the CHURCH and in theWORLD. You, as a lay person, are being asked to lead in your areas of expertise to intensify your apostolic efforts and to meet the needs of the times. The Dominican Laity helps each person to be aware of his/her potential and to develop it further.

How Are We Dominicans?

Like St. Dominic, our Founder, and St. Catherine of Siena, our Patroness, we are grounded in liturgical prayer the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. This prayer nurtures our contemplation. The Rosary is a tradition in the Order. Dominicans honor the mysteries of our Redemption in which Mary shared.

The unique element in Dominican life and Spirituality which St. Dominic enjoined upon his order is study. We are disciples of the Word of God. We are devoted to the Scriptures and spend time reading, studying and praying them. We recognize that our union with others depends on our union with Christ.

“I have made my chief study in the book of Charity; it teaches everything.” –St. Dominic Thus, the fruits of prayer and study necessarily flow into works of Christian witness.

Our purpose is

Requirements For Admission

  • A sincere Catholic, loyal to the Magisterium, and in good standing with the Church
  • At least eighteen years of age
  • Desire to deepen baptismal commitment

II Vatican Council’s Expectations of Laity:

  • Articulate in their faith by studying God’s Word
  • Appreciative of God’s creation
  • Zealous in building a better world for all people.

Are You Interested?
Contact a chapter near you. For information on membership in the Immaculate Conception Chapter, Washington, D.C., send email to DLICFraternity@gmail.com


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