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Rosary Center  The headquarters of the Rosary Confraternity of the Catholic Church, a world-wide movement of prayer for peace. The Confraternity is administered by the Dominican  Fathers.   Fr. Paul A. Duffner, O.P., is Director. It is located  next to the Holy Rosary Church in Portland, Oregon, USA, the city of  roses. The Rosary Confraternity is a world-wide movement of prayer  entrusted to the Dominican Order by the Holy See more than 500 years ago.

Site contains the bi-monthly newsletter, The Rosary Light and Life, with many essays and articles on the Rosary. Also contains pages on how to pray the Rosary, great publications, clearinghouse of information on the Rosary, how to enroll in the confraternity. Why not visit and enroll today?

Perpetual Online Rosary  Pray the Rosary online with dozens – or hundreds – of others. “As St Louis Marie de Montford writes — we received the Grace and merit of every Rosary recited in a group at any time. If with a 1000 praying the Rosary, then a 1000 Rosaries and our own Rosary is made perfect in the perfections of those others praying the Rosary with us.

You can choose the Mysteries even in the Perpetual option. The Individual option starts a new Rosary with you alone. You JOIN the Perpetual recitation at whatever point and the computer website will tell you how many you are praying with. You may also choose English or Spanish.

The Mary Page  Welcome to the Mary Page, maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian  Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio. We are an international center of research and study on the role of Mary in  Christian life. Probably most comprehensive site on Mary on web.

Mary: Her Story  Father Victor Haogland, C.P., tells the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Drawing on Scripture and Tradition, Christian art and piety, as well as
other sources, he paints a picture of Mary that is both human and down-to-earth. This special edition of Compassion was first published in 1988 in celebration of the Marian Year. We trust that you’ll enjoy its re-publication on the World Wide Web.

Mystery Pages  — Mysteries with Gospel  Texts from Catholic Online

St Anthony Messenger — Site features essays  and multimedia links

Rosary Since Vatican II  Reports about the rosary’s demise are premature. The same shops which a few months ago sold recordings of Gregorian chant from the monks
of St. Dominic de Silos now feature cassettes of the pope reciting the rosary. Extensive bibliography on books and other resources on the Rosary.

The Rosary Tract — Not a Catholic and have questions about the biblical basis of the rosary? Check out this tract from Catholic Answers.

Rosary Meditation Like Sr. Mary  Grace, O.P.’s,  painting of Mary giving St Dominic the Rosary on this page? See wood cut  images by Sr. Mary Grace and meditations from two other Dominican cloistered nuns located on the Mary Page
website.  Beautiful fusion of art and writing.

Family Rosary  Site of the Father Peyton’s Holy Cross Ministries. Daily Meditations.

On the History of the Rosary – Maisie Ward   “I  have given myself a headache which I do not propose to pass on to my readers, studying all these controversies.” A letter from a holy old Dominican to Father Thurston, in which he said that what mattered to him was not who started the Rosary but how he could best say it, seems to be the right one for this book, written only to help people to love the Rosary.

The Rosary Online at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen  — The pictures you’ll see in this online Rosary are scenes from the stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. tual nourishment.)

The Ecumenical Miracle Rosary — This web page will introduce you to a group of prayers called the Ecumenical Miracle Rosary.

Doug McManaman: The Mysteries of the Rosary for Youth

Children Pray: A Scriptural Rosary for Children  by by Fr Victor Hoagland, C.P.

Holy Card Web Page. Lots of Holy Cards to view and download.

Virtual Rosary Online Welcome to the official homepage of Virtual Rosary™, the original multimedia Rosary software program for Windows and Macintosh! Plus, it’s completely free.

Picture Beads, Our Lady’s Rosary Album site — This site provides a free downloadable presentation that provides a picture for each bead of the rosary. It is not a picture per decade but a picture per Hail Mary.

Rosary: A Gospel Prayer  Essay by Thomas A. Thompson, S.M., and Jack Wintz, .

Pater Noster Our Father in 770 different languages and dialects (as of today, 10/12/00 there are now 1103 languages and dialects!)2

The Holy Rosary Site — Italian, Portugese, Spanish.  Updated with new mysteries of light. Prayers, history.

Prayer – Hail Mary and the Rosary

The World Wide Rosary Crusade Main purpose is to mount a unified effort in building a global rosary chain on the 13th of each month in honor of our Blessed Mother’s requests to pray the rosary for peace.

Pauline Marie Jaricot Home Page Living Rosary. Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot was foundress of the Living Rosary (perpetual rosary where you say an appointed decade each day and 14 others join you to make a complete 15 decade rosary) and also foundress of the Propogation of the Faith.

Make Your Own Rosaries

The Rosary Shop – Rosaries, Kits, Parts, Tools and Accessories

The Rosary Workshop — Beautiful, rare, antique and one of a kind new
rosaries. Large site with prayer and study resources too.

Special Places to Pray the Rosary

Mount Saint Mary’s College-Grotto of Lourdes National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes, only 75 minutes from Washington, DC in Emmitsburg, it is the oldest replica of Lourdes in the United States. Situated on a lovely Maryland hillside woodland replete with tumbling
brook, the grotto  has attractively landscaped prayer paths including one that
features all 15 decades of the rosary. There are two chapels and the main
chapel has Eucharistic adoration and masses on Sundays. The picturesque
site attracts over a million visitors yearly; check the schedule for special events and talks on the weekends.

This was a favorite spot of St Elizabeth Seton who lived nearby. Be sure
to stop and see National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
where St Elizabeth lived and founded the Sisters of Charity.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Mary Garden Dedicated
for the Jubilee, this beautiful garden provides a pleasant natural place to sit and pray while visiting the shrine.

Creating a Rosary Garden

Create a Mary Garden Plant a Mary Garden and create your own special outdoor space to pray the rosary and be reminded of the many holy attributes of Mary. Find out how in this comprehensive website promoting the planting of Mary Gardens. Historical research on Marian links to flowers, gardening information, gardening and prayer, gardens as inspiration. Don’t have a garden? Plant an indoor dish garden!

The Garden Way of the Rosary — History of how the Rosary got its name.

Pastoral Marian Organizations in the U.S.  Find friends near you with whom you can

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