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The views and opinions expressed on this web site are those of the authors. They do not necessarily represent those opinions of the Immaculate Conception Chapter, the Province of St. Joseph, the Order of Preachers, the Roman Catholic Church and/or any other contributor to this site.

St. Jerome

As Domincans, we engage in and support open dialog. But as our motto is Veritas, we will likely make editorial comments on contributions that conflict with Church teachings or correct factual errors. Contributions and comments may be edited for grammar, readability or style but if published, the substance will not censorsed.

Please limit your comments to your own ideas and opinions and keep them on topic. We will not publish comments on other peoples comments.

Rather than provide a long list of do’s and don’ts for site contributions, here is a thought. Write your material knowing that this is a public site visited by many with varying backgrounds. Fairly or not, some will form opinions of Christians and Dominicans by the content and tone of our postings. Keep your postings respectful.

The responsibility for content on this site is soley that of the editor. Send complaints, corrections, or questions to editor@dominicanwitness.com.



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