Course – The Mind of Man: The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

23 one-hour sessions. Sessions will be posted for 4 weeks, and then rotated off.

Presented by Prof. Harry C. Veryser, Jr.
The American Council on Economics and Society
Courtesy of CatholicMP3Vault

To listen to the lectures, click one of the links below. (Lecture titles). The audio files are rather large. It may take several minutes to start playing, depending on your connection speed.

Windows users can right-click the link, choose save target, then download the mp3 file and play directly from their computer. Apple users can play them also but I don’t have specific instructions.

St.Thomas Aquinas


01 The Importance of Ideas

02 What It Means To Be

03 The Nature of Change – Potential and Act

04 Intrinsic Principles of Being – Prime Matter and Substantial Form

05 Extrinsic Principles of Being – Cause and Effect

06 The Nature of Motion

07 Being and Essence – The Nature of Perfection

08 Proof of God’s Existence

09 Reasoning God’s Nature

10 The Attributes of God and Discovering Them by Analogy

11 Transcendentals and Abstractions – Beauty, Good and Truth

12 Substance and Accidentals

13 Non-Thomistic Philosophy and It’s Consequences

14 The Unity of Man and the Life and Concept of the Soul

15 Knowledge

16 Sensation and Activity

17 Intellect

18 The Will and the Appetites

19 Emotions and Habits – effective feelings

20 The Soul of Man and It’s Immortality

21 Human Acts and the Acts of Man – Ethical Responsibility

22 Thomistic Ethics – The Moral Act and Right and Wrong

23 The Virtuous Life

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5 thoughts on “Course – The Mind of Man: The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

    • Thanks for asking Lee. You can order a CD of the MP3s containing this 23 hour course from Besides our course on Thomistic philosophy, the CD includes courses in other branches of Philosophy, Theology, Scripture, and the Saints. They are presented by Dr. William Marra, Dr. John Rao, Dr. William Luckey, Fr. Kenneth Baker, Fr. Most, and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen among others.

      NOTE: The CD includes MP3 files, not standard audio CD files. They may not work on your standard CD player. Your player must be capable of playing MP3 files. MP3 files can be played on almost any computer. There are many inexpensive MP3 players on the market. Most Smartphones like the iPhone can play Mp3 files. also offers the material (some free) as iPhone and Android apps.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Thanks for the reply. I already have several of Drs. Marra’s and Rao’s tapes and some of Frs. Most’s and Sheen’s books. At the moment I am most interested in getting the St. Thomas Aquinas’ audio series. But it is not clear to me how to order this series. Specifically I can’t tell from the website if I have to order several CDs or if the MP3 CD has everything on it. Could you please clarify this for me?

    PS I don’t mind getting everything as long as I get the ones that I am most interested in now. Thanks again. Lee.

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